Official called ‘Qomasean, the Latet Imperium’ the region is nicknamed the ‘Little Kingdom’ due to the confusion around the pronunciation of it’s name. Pronunciation is different either way due to varying accents and racial languages.

There are five main sections to the region:

The Wall is a gigantic slate structure of unknown origin. The top cannot be seen from ground, which breaches the clouds above.

The Grand Forest has the fortress known as Dirthwall at its borders. The forests hold a variety of unusual creates of innate magical ability. The trees (and creatures?) also grow in size as your travel deeper into the region, with a massive tree in its centre. The tree is said to be a scared place to the Quomasean druids.

The Shifting Seas to the south are the main passage by which boats from other regions around Eriallon can enter Qomasean. Its waters are rough, but can be transversible.

The west holds the a large desert called the Ever-Shifting Sands, a place where the sands mimic the tides of an ocean. It is said that the far reaches of the desert holds a place where a large coliseum resides for arena combat – a mecca for gladiators around Eriallon.

The capital is further split into four administrative regions, each section run by a different member of the royal household with the king residing over them all in a castle in the centre.


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