The Excellent Adentures of Simi, Laxus, and Toziver

The sun rose over Fortree Commune. Our heroes got up and began their daily activities. Toziver’s pigeon had arrived back from the citadel with information about a strange symbol belonging to the fat man who was in charge of an ambush that our heroes came across while looking for a place to set up our refugee camp. One of the villagers came forth and informed us that a peasant is requesting aid from just outside the forest. Laxus went and grabbed The Rabbi before heading out to meet this stranger. On encountering him he appeared sickly, Laxuz ordered him to wait there while he went back to get help from Dustan. Simi and Toziver decided to follow to check this stranger out as well. After arriving they found that the stranger had died. Weary that he had come into contact with the plague from the citadel they burnt his body straight away. They then proceeded to question the farmer who had been keeping watch over the stranger and found out he’d come into contact with him. Not wanting to bring the plague into the village they ordered the farmer to go camp in the ruins not far from the camp until they could be sure he did not have the disease.

After a quick discussion and advice from Dustan the group decided to head out towards the North to visit the Stone Men and get information about the Adviser, Resistance and the Necromancer. Simi, Laxus, and Toziver headed out at sun rise, along the boarder of the forest towards the North. Everything had been going smoothly so our heroes stopped and camped for the night, each taking turns on watch. As the night was drawing to a clothes Laxuz saw a hoard of dark shadows in the sky with a few bolts of fire appearing around them. Not thinking much of it he didn’t mention anything and the group headed off in the morning unaffected. After a few hours of travel they felt a huge rumbling coming from the forest. Toziver cast a spell to hide the group when they saw a huge fish bowl coming out of the trees straight towards them/ Laxus was the first to move away to higher ground and when Simi realised that it was ignoring him and still coming towards them hidden under the spell she proceeded to move further away as well. Toziver however stayed where he was as the Bowl came closer and closer he used mage hand to lift a magical acidic slime towards the bowl to try melt through it. While it affected it it didn’t do enough damage to break through. The bowl kept moving closer to Toziver until it jumped right on top of him. Toziver moved the slime further into the bowl slowly burning through it more. Simi cast Shatter against it to try break it. Unfortunately it also hit Toziver and then magically the spell bounced right off the bowl at Toziver doing double damage to him. Toziver kept trying to push the slime through the bowl, Simi attemped to cast wall of fire around it which it managed to reflect as well. The acid came at Simi crushing her under its weight. Toziver stabbed it with his dagger creating a huge crack over it finally doing some actual damage to it. Simi used dimension door to teleport over to Laxus and away from the bowl. Laxus still up on a hill threw a rock at the bowl making the crack a little bigger. The bowl made its way back towards Toziver and attacked him again. He then forced the slime the rest of the way through the bowl destroying it as all the water slowly poured out. The group decided to smash up the bowl and take it to make into armour or for other uses as it was still reflecting magic.

The group set up camp and after few hours they suddenly heard this weird chanting Simi climbed up a tree to get a better view and see what was going on. She saw that a bunch of lanterns had appeared and lead to a tent she informed Toz and Laxus who went to investigate. Laxus marched right into the tent and questioned the people inside, who asked if anyone would challenged the leader to an arm wrestle. Laxus, uninterested walked out and asked if Simi or Toz wanted to give it a go. Simi jumped out of her tree and came running at the opportunity. Marching in she joined this huge bulking man at a table, she sat down without a care in the world. “I invoke the tides of chaos! May the odds be ever in your favour,” she winked before casting bend luck to sway things her way. Winning the arm wrestle the great warrior bestowed upon her a bracelet of strength. Thanking the man the group set off on their way.

They camped for the night before heading off the next day. After a while of walking they came across a city that appeared to have been recently burnt down. They searched the buildings, Simi recognised the writing on the doors to be elvish but could not translate it. They searched the village but couldn’t find anyone until they came to the town hall, which was filled with dead bodies. Angered Laxus started desperately searching for any survivors they followed some fresh footprints up mountain where they came across a cabin. Laxus walked straight to the front door and gave a loud knock, it was answered by a fat jolly man dressed all in red.


Jigamaree fuu

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