The Resistance

The Resistance was a group of ragtag people whose sole goal is to stop The Advisor at any cost. The backstories of her members vary wildly, and many are considered outlaws and unsavory. But at the end of the day their shared dread at the reality The Advisor plans for the world of Eriallon united them.

The Resistance’s base of operations was Limbo, a plane between worlds only accessible by specific magic such as communication amulets.

The organisation was founded by Coldbane and was headed by three individuals; Gareth, Drunk Steve and Clemency, the last of whom ultimately betrayed the organisation by (among other things) giving away the location of Limbo, aiding in the kidnapping of Gareth and ultimately ending Gareth’s life.

The Resistance as it was known is now gone – her legacy now hangs in the balance and it is unknown what will happen next.

Key Players of The Resistance:
Drunk Steve

The Resistance

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