The Citadel of Waterdeep

The Citadel of Waterdeep is one of the largest learning institutes in the Little Kingdom, located to the South near the Shifting Seas. The name allegedly comes from the Citadel’s state when it was originally constructed – one side of the citadel allegedly dropped over 150 feet straight down into the ocean. However, due to an unknown event (nobody is quite sure whether it was geographical or magical) the water receded away from the citadel and earth built up around the Citadel. If the wall existed – which is a hot debate among scholars at Waterdeep – its foundations are very deeply buried now.

The Citadel was originally built by monks as a place of worship, although the god that the place was built to honour has long been lost to time. So too has the reason the monks left – all that is known is that Waterdeep remained abandoned for several years until adventurers discovered the intact ruins many ages later.

The university specialises in teachings of an arcane nature, and many of the wizards who were born in The Little Kingdom honed their skills at the institution. All classes of wizard learning can be honed at the establishment. There is one exception though – necromancy, which is frowned upon by the institute for moral reasons.

Dustan Fenic used to teach here, before being fired for covertly teaching necromancy to students.

The Citadel of Waterdeep

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