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Welcome to the Wiki of Eriallon. This page covers (or will soon cover) all that there is to be known of the world. Green pages indicate those that have yet to have any content added to them.

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  • The Change Log was created.
  • Updated Limbo regarding recent events
  • Updated Clemency’s (NPC) bio regarding recent events.
  • Updated The Resistance regarding recent events.

The Change Log (Past Changes to the Wiki)

The World

Eriallon The world in which the campaign is set.
Gods and Patrons of Eriallon The bible, so to speak, of all higher beings the story interacts with.
The League of Misfits The history of the parties our story follows.
Deceased Characters In dedication of the good souls lost – and in celebration of the evil that Eriallon is now rid.

The Kingdoms

The Little Kingdom Also known as Qomasean
The Empire The Motherland.

Geographical Locations in the Little Kingdom

Oceanic Sands The great expanse to the west of the Capitol.
The Grand Forest The towering wilderness to the east of the Capitol. Colloquially referred to as The Grand Forest.
The Wall The impassable construct to the north of the Capitol.
The Shifting Seas The broiling ocean to the south of the Capitol. Currently the only known, non magical way into the kingdom.
The Dragon’s Spine The mountain range to the north east of the Capitol.

The Capital

The Capital (Main Page) The heart of the Little Kingdom. Known for having very enthusiastic rickshaw drivers.
Big Bertha’s A brothel where there are more secrets that who is going in and out.
The Castle The headquarters for the King – and seemingly, the Advisor himself.


The Lone Tavern All heroes have an origin story. This is the setting for quite a few.
Dirthwall The fortress town on the outskirts of the Autochthon Forest.
Dalesworth The little town to the north-east, known for it’s annual event ‘The Capturing’
The Citadel of Waterdeep An educational institution within the Tiny Kingdom, located at the edge of the Shifting Seas.
Fortree Commune A slowly emerging area safe from the the Advisor’s reach

The Resistance

The Resistance The history of the “good guys”
Limbo The established base for the Resistance.

The Enemy

What We Know So Far

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