Gods and Patrons of Eriallon


Chosen patron of Clemency.

With the full title of ‘Felurian, Lady of Twilight, Lady of the First Quiet’, this magical fae seeks lovers that can sate her, often personally enticing men with her song and her otherworldly beauty. Once seduced, few survive the sexual exhaustion and those that do are driven mad with want when she bores of them. Despite her frivolous ways though, she does seem to have genuine feelings of loneliness and desire for company. When she comes across – or is presented – a lover who can provide her with entertainment beyond that of the flesh, she is shown to be especially delighted.

God of Rum and Cock

Chosen god of worship of Bilbo Swaggins.

One of the two lesser gods of merriment.
Some worshippers choose to honor them by dousing amputated penises in alcohol and setting them alight; however it is unknown whether this is common practice, or even whether this is an ‘accepted’ form of worship by the god themselves.

God of Tits and Wine

Chosen god of worship of Gandolf.

One of the two lesser gods of merriment.


Has blessed Denver Ainsworth to be her seeker.
Tymora is the most popular and has the largest following in the Little Kingdom.
More commonly known as Lady Luck, Tymora is the goddess of good fortune who favors the bold and those that take risks in her name.


Bunn-e is the second most popular in the Little Kingdom

Believers of Bunn-e follow a strict “Destroy all rabbits, hares, and small rodents.” doctrine, not from any dislike of small animals quite the opposite but from a belief that when the end of days comes Bunn-e, will rise from the dead all of his chosen animals to take back what is rightfully his, and share what is left to his disciples.

Some of his more holy believers have taken to breeding rabbits so they can kill all the more.

LoL: The Lord Of Light

Followed by Brock the Dragon Slayer.

LoL, The lord of light, the holiest entity of all, the well of all that is good and pure. The sun is the revealed face of the lord of Light, bring his light to all corners of the world is the prime directive of those who follow him. With a deep hatred of undead and all fell things, the Lord of Light is a patron to all those who face evil, granting his grace through cleansing fire and holy light to burn away foes.
A newer religion in Erallion, the followers of LoL wish only to bring his light into dark places, and to awaken the truth within others what they know to be true, that the Lord of Light will guide them if only they would listen, many followers are fervent believers and want others to convert to be the same.

Gods and Patrons of Eriallon

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