A small town in the wilds of The Tiny Kingdom, north east of the Capitol. Is known for its yearly event The Capturning. Rewards from this event, enchanted weapons, are heavily sought after for their expert craftsmanship.

Notable events in the town:
During the most recent capturing, a band of adventurers (Gaia, Lia, Tibbers, Annie and Hunter) killed the wyvern guardian atop the nearby Akabi mountain range, in an attempt to capture it that turned to just killing it. Panicked by their protector being killed, a large pack of dragon hatchlings attacked the party, killing Tibbers and Annie before fleeing from their former home in search of a new one. The three remaining adventurers were able to talk the dragons out of storming through Dalesworth, and the group was last seen heading south west towards the Grand Forest.
See: Notable individuals for named dragons.

Notable buildings in this town:
Tavern (The Whistling Witch), Town Hall, Healer, Stable, Blacksmith.

Notable individuals:
Barthon – The head of the town, an old war hero who retired after an injury too many. Loud and welcoming; judges The Capturing with his wife and specialises in the beasts captured.
Allie – The wife of Barthon and the other judge of The Capturing. Specialises in the more eccentric offerings that the contestants may choose to show
Holly – A pixie captured by one of the contestants during the most recent Capturing. A homebody since birth, she has never ventured far from her home, and is understandably disoriented since ending up in Dalesworth. Was brought and freed by Gaia and is currently travelling with the gnome until she can find her way home.
Chatsu – A blue dragonling, originally encountered and spoken to by Annie on the mountain and the first pack leader encountered by the remaining party. Was insulted by Gaia whom implied the pack wanted to devour her, her party and destroy the village, and was still bitter when they parted ways.
Tyrrian – A red dragonling and the second pack leader encountered. The friendliest and the most easy going of the three dragonling leaders and took a liking to Hunter.
Sirius – A green dragonling, the final pack leader encountered and the dragon that took charge of the collective group. Seldom speaks but is deferred to and respected.

The Capturing
The Capturing is an annual event for Dalesworth essential for the sustained existence for the town as it draws in people from across the land; most notably nobles from the Capital.
The event tasks competitors to capture something from within the forest and surrounding wilderness within a 24 hours time limit
The captured specimen in question does not have to be hostile, or even alive; competitors have entered in the past with offerings of poetry, maidens, cooking and intricate rituals. There are only three rules to the capturing:

1) You must capture your offering yourself, in the 24 hours allotted from the surrounding area.
2) You must be able to restrain it.
3) If applicable, you must be able to kill it.

These three rules have, since the event’s beginnings aptly, controlled the competition to be fair and competitive. It’s a draw for many nobles to the Capitol.

Previous winners include an unknown bard whom managed to ‘capture’ a dryad, and the town’s butcher who captured an elder owlbear.


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