Big Bertha's

A brothel in the heart of the Capitol, to those in the know Big Bertha's is a two-tiered operation headed by the little seen Big Bertha herself.

At face value, Big Bertha's is a high-end brothel. Clients who fancy something a little bit different can come see a variety of escorts, who range from elf to tiefling and everything in between. For enough coin you can also be between them. Rooms and baths are provided for intimate sessions. However, take care for such luxurious experiences and Big Bertha always gets her bill.

Beneath the opulent exterior though Big Bertha's is a thriving thieves guild, and in the bowls of this club Big Bertha herself can be found.

Clemency, Terrible and Denver Ainsworth all owe an unknown amount to Bertha, thanks to Denver having a little too much fun upon his visit. The bill was spread equally among the party members present; Clemency and Terrible. Last they heard, they were still indebted to Big Bertha and her brothel – hopefully their extended payment plan doesn't come to an abrupt end.

Big Bertha's

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