Yang Xaoling

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She is High Elf Fighter

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Yang, along with her older twin brother Yin, grew up near the center of the city in the kingdom of Qomasean. Being high elves they were quite rich and well respected, with a mother who with deep roots in magic and a father of substantial value in the military.
Yang’s birth-name was originally Yin while her twin brother, Yin, was actually Yang.
Growing up, Yang was expected to learn the arts of magic from her mother but found it very difficult, often wishing to just run up to her enemies and hit them across their smug face. She soon found out that Yin was also struggling with military training with their father.
One particular night, Yin expressed interest in Yang’s magic training, asking her to teach him a simple spell. To both their surprise, Yin picked up the spell extraordinarily quickly. That same night they concocted a plan to switch places. Yang shaved her head to match the military hairstyle forced upon Yin, and they agreed to switch names and tell absolutely no one. From this moment till the moment they were out of the grasps of their parents, they were to assume each others identity.
After 6 years of training, The twins were ready to move out and explore the world. Yang had kept the name and identity of her brother, as had he. They were, after all, going out into the world where they could reintroduce themselves as they really were.
As a kind parting gift, their mother had planned to enchant them both so that if one was in deathly danger and needed immediate assistance the other twin could simply teleport to the other whenever they wanted and aid them. However, something about the enchantment was off and now the twins cannot get 200 feet away from each other without one being teleported to the other.
The twins. angry with their parent, left together in search for adventure. Their main goal being to rid them of the curse bestowed by their own mother. They kept their names since they had been known by them for so long, it was weird to change. They learnt gradually to help each other and work together in battle, though the bicker a lot any other time.
Yang has recently become restless and disires a man in her life other than her brother.

Yang Xaoling

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