Needs a hand.



Born the son of a dwindling Dwarven empire located underneath the Shifting Sands. The mine sustaining his people ran dry, industry crumbled and ruin befell them. Many subjects left to find fortune and a better life. In a bid for glory Gareth’s people secured the services of radical Gnomish scientist’s who claimed to be able to bind the Plane of Water to the dry land above.

The arid earth became lush and tenable. A fortuitous trading outpost of the edge of the desert, then a city and almost a new kingdom formed on trade and shared wealth. Then disaster stuck the Plane of Water tied to a vast Lake above inviting something dark. Something sinister lurked in its depths. At first townsfolk vanished, then entire households, something was very wrong. A twisting blackness tainted the water. Tampering with the machines binding the machines and flooding the Dwarven city and the mines below.

Few escaped with their lives, the Lake dried and parched and the city above abandoned. Among the escapees was Gareth and his sister. Maybe the darkness in the mine tainted his sister, maybe she was always tainted but soon she turned the refugees into bandits. Killing and thieving, any who stood in their way slaughtered.

Among the refugees Gareth rose to defend the remnants of his people from his sister’s tryranny. It cost him his arm and those who rose beside him their lives. Fleeing in shame from his families horrors Gareth set-up up a humble inn and settled into a quieter life.



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