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- Cheerful, tries to look on the bright side despite the situation.
- Loyal to a fault, will always try to serve the cause she believes in.
- Very accepting of outsiders.
- Determined to get what she want, to the point of being headstrong.
- Intelligent; is very good at weighing up a situation and taking the best approach.

- Can ignore glaring problems simply because she doesn’t want to deal with them.
- Has a ‘Me against the world’ mentality; doesn’t really know how to ask for help.
- Is uncomfortable in crowds.
- A wee bit vain.

Notable Points:
- In servitude to Felurian, whom she serves by ‘matchmaking’ people either with each other or with Felurian herself.
- Due to magical interference while sneaking through one of The Advisor’s dungeons, appears now to be made completely of blue crystal.
- Took the Pact of the Chain warlock specialisation, which has given her a pseudodragon as her familiar.

Born to a single mother in the rundown streets of one of the Empire’s biggest cities, Clemency is a woman that seeks happiness above all for herself and those around her. Being a tiefling, a race that is almost universally prejudiced, she was rarely shown the same kindness and so from a young age turned to books to sate her appetite for happily ever afters and later intellectual conversation.

While she views the world through rose coloured glasses, this by no stretch of the imagination means she is complacent or a ‘goody two shoes’; she is tempted by power the same as any other person and unlike many has actively pursued getting it. She originally seeked to offer her services to a demon, however on her journey to one of said demon’s ‘sacred’ places she passed through the domain of Felurian. The Fae, intrigued by the tiefling, offered her own patronage instead which Clemency gladly accepted. Clemency has gained magical power and arcane knowledge, and in exchange she acts as somewhat of a matchmaker in Felurian’s name; acting as a guiding, if over-enthusiastic, hand in bringing couples together and occasionally picking out offerings for her patron. While Clemency is under no illusions that her patron is not a god, she still has an absolute and revered respect for Felurian that is almost priest like in nature – she takes her service seriously. This is mostly out of respect for her patron, partially out of fear of what could happen if she fails.

Clemency traveled to The Little Kingdom in search on new adventures for herself and in servitude to Felurian to find new and ‘exotic’ offerings for the Fae. She arrived on the same ship as Bilbo Swaggins, Denver Ainsworth, Caran Woodly, Gandolf and Lia and travelled with them for a time. While investigating The Advisor and sneaking through one of his hideouts Clemency tried to save Denver and Bilbo from the grasp of a glowing energy crystal – when it shattered it turned Clemency into crystal. The exact effects on her are unknown, but for all intents and purposes due to the encounter she now appears to be made entirely out of crystal.

After adventuring for a time Gareth, whom she had talked with often, offered her a leadership position in The Resistance, an organisation dedicated to stopping The Advisor at all costs. Since taking him up on that offer she has become more withdrawn from her former party and friends as she helps Gareth and Drunk Steve orchestrate the slowly growing force.

Recent events have unearth grave things about her however; for reasons not known she now serves The Advisor, seemingly against her will. She was also forced to kill Gareth, and was present for the deaths of The Doctor and Alucard. Her current motives, location and mission remains unknown.


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