Big Bertha

No, she's even bigger than that.


A warlock who served Baalzebul (clarification needed), Big Bertha is the namesake and head of the brothel of the same name (see Big Bertha’s) in The Capitol . Never seen in the establishment itself, she is confined to the bowels of the brothel due to her sheer size.

Bertha was once a beautiful woman, however she was unable to pay her patron for his service to her. Angry with her inability to uphold her side of the bargain her patron cursed her to slowly grow in size and lose more and more of her humanity. As time passes the lower half of her body only grows larger and more gelatinous, thick folds forming in the substance somewhere between skin and slime with the substance that makes up her body only becoming more translucent as the eye travels down her body.

Bertha truly is a horrible sight and devoid of the beauty that made her once. However she is a vain and prideful woman despite this and very powerful to boot – any that dare mention her hideous appearance to her do not live much longer.

Big Bertha

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