Solo'd a Dragon!

Oh, and we met the queen too

Well the paladin walked off into the sunrise. Off a mountain… Yup.

The sunrise was beautiful and being the sun it was a welcome sight because that night time trek up the mountain was a bad idea on my end. Received a message from a magical stone to meet up with ‘merry men’ in green tights. Stuff was getting weird.

One of the twins almost died because she tried to walk a tightrope across the gap. Eventually climbed our way up the wall and realised there was a dragon who resided in the place. Running became a good idea.

Ran for a while before deciding to camp for the day. Managed to almost get a good day’s rest in before one of the twins (weird f***ers) woke me up to people running past our magic bubble (we had one of those). And a dragon. Black one. With red. Luckily we managed to scrounge up enough time for me to armour up and prep to run like hell away from the area. Twins were slow (felt like they had to chat and argue about random nonsensical stuff). I ran for a shiny new halberd (found it was platinum) and ran like I stole it.

Waded through a stream for a bit before making it to a clearing. I almost made it to the end except the dragon spotted me and decided to prep to attack. I rode it. It breathed fire on everyone else. I defeated it. Got a large dragon scale for my troubles. Now I really needed a forge – both for armour repairs and to work on this dragon scale. May need one of them enchanters to tell me what can be done with the scale. Pretty sure dragons are magical.

The ‘merry men’ are led by some guy called Robin Hood. Seems to be a guide but can’t lead us to the next town. Kept making delays. Met the queen. She’s okay I guess. Apparently she isn’t dead, and says she’s different from the others in her family and the advisors are to blame. I think something’s up though. Will need to keep and eye on this ‘Robin Hood’ and the Queen.

Apparently she’s so important that she needs to ride a horse. Through an open area. With possible assassins. Its like she wants to get killed or something. I said to use a decoy. Apparently the idea was deemed wise. And they call me an idiot.

Decoy was a decent girl, and did her job. The projectiles were enchanted coins. Pretty impressive. And so we ran back into the forest and opted to take the long way around… for more delays.


Jigamaree Bellimancer

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