So Big Bertha is running a resistance now

Choice is made: To Kill a Necromancer

So something happened and the resistance is no more. A few people died apparently. Brock didn’t go all paladin and try to kill Big Bertha, so that’s good. She called in the debt and I was expected to go complete a few tasks, which is fine. So the choices were:

  • Kill a necromancer
  • Find a special ship
  • Destroy some crystals in the capital
  • Leave and don’t come back

So the last one is not an option for me – because debt. I don’t have the tools to destroy crystals, so that’s not a thing. So its either to find a ship or kill a necromancer. So I always want to kill a wizard. Like to see that damn nerd defend himself from the blade. Ended up with Brock, Hunter and Sam (and can’t forget Bacon the mount who is a giant pig). Left Big Bertha’s and purchased some gear.

Got access to some discounts on the gear to prepare for the journey. Went through the smith’s, alchemists, arcanist’s, and tailors before using the stables to buy a horse before leaving the Capital. My purchases included:

  • 1 dagger
  • 2 javelins
  • Platemail (through trading off runed shortsword and Brock’s elven dagger)
  • Caltrops
  • 2 potions of healing
  • Enchanted 5 pieces of obsidian to melt into lava (triggered through saying, ‘wrath’ in undercommon
  • 5 glass bottles to store the obsidian safely
  • Side modifications for greaves to sheathe daggers

Left the Capital and tried to find an estate, because fancy wizards working for the Advisor surely have fancy places to live in. As we moved closer towards the area it was covered with a thick fog. Managed to come across a family who was fleeing from a village which was overrun with undead. Brock managed to track his way there, and so the purge started.

The fog is too thick. Can’t see where we are going, or even see if we are even heading towards the right direction.


Jigamaree Bellimancer

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