Season Finale: Shit went down

Playing two characters in hard...

So we recuperated from the weird coin fire, protected the queen, and decided to go the long way round.
We came along a bridge which was heavily infested with enemies(?). Denver tried to be stealthy, which immediately failed. So he decided to play dumb, which I will admit he was good at, but I think the weird wizard thing got frustrated with him and ordered to have him kill. This in turn basically forced us to have to fight close to 20 enemies. Caran was good support, Denver dealt damage, Yin I think did stuff, and Robin Hood is still dreamy.
The gem phone thing kinda when crazy too. Don’t know why.
Anyway, most of the enemies ran away. Yin cast feign death on the queen. We found a nice spot to rest where all the trees were cut down. 8 people in a bubble, the rest scouting. Yin and I discussed the phone. I began to get suspicious on Robin Hood.
In the morning there was some blacksmith who claimed to be a wanderer but obviously wasn’t. We made him spill the beans and he pulled out a letter that claimed that some was on the queens side. He doesn’t know we have the queen though. We shewed him away.
4 hours later we are at ruins of a town with a lone tavern. The phone is beeping annoyingly fast now. Yin, Robin Hood, Caran, The “dead” Queen and I consult inside about how to make a portal.
There was some weird black mixture with stars in it. Yin suggested we drink it. I worked out it should just be drawn on the wall with.
We discussed weather to go through or not. Yin, Robin Hood, Caran, The “dead” Queen, and I went through and found burning building and a lot of dead people. There were also some other people who looked like adventures. Oh, and the pompous fell through a portal.
Then shit went down. This Gareth guy who we had been talking to all this time died. And some blue chick was apparently good but being forced to work for the clearly evil adviser.
Stuff happened and no one cared that I was carrying what looked like a dead royal woman…


Jigamaree Jigamaree

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