Found the castle!

"The mountain is in a castle..."

Brock managed to charge his way into a village full of zombies, which just kept coming. They were strong. We held up pretty well, but a fireball and a few bad hits later Hunter and Brock started falling. Then Brock cast some magic and the spell knocked him down. Bad gamble. Looks bad.

Sam and I held up pretty well in the end, for Tymora smiled upon us. Using survivor’s rights, we looted their gear and moved on. Sam went elsewhere and I decided to press forward. The Necromancer is only one man, right?

Came across a halfling and another human battling their way through another group of zombies. Weird. After helping them out we decided that there is strength in numbers and moved forward together to defeat the Necromancer.

Passing through a couple of abandoned villages we rested in a furnished hut, with a map! Using this map we found where the Necromancer lived: in a castle in the mountains. Moving forward we saw a village from the distance with more zombies. Nope.

The journey up the mountain was cut short. It was too cold and he didn’t have the gear for it. Decided to go to the village with the zombies. There were demons and the mouth-y thing again. Everything died. Found a small house where a few gnomes locked themselves in. They told us the Necromancer was a really old gnome who walked through town, before starting killing people. We told them we were here to defeat the Necromancer, but needed warmer clothing. They showed us the place to get some, and we left soon after.

The mountains were rough, cold and full of zombies. We managed to carefully get through them before reaching the castle. And so it begins. Lets kill this nerd.


Jigamaree Bellimancer

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