Elina's Musing on her death

Damn Whippersnapper

Well, I’m dead. It finally happened, and I have achieved my goal of not dying peacefully in my sleep.

So my day started as everyday has from when I joined this band of Misfits. We blew something up, completely and utterly destroyed it. The Necromancer’s castle Is gone, and in hindsight we probably shouldn’t have done that.

After a long nap, which I managed to wake up from, we told a bunch of gnomes to wait for us while we went to finish off whatever was left under the pile of rubble we had created. My old colleague, Lysbick or whatever her name was, I’m finding it hard to remember names very well these days, told us the gnomes were starving and wouldn’t last the day or so it would take us to return, so I handed them my kitten sweater and let them go at it, the Barbarian didn’t seem very pleased at this, but hey, they were starving.

As of course, the castle was a pile of rubble, we looked down into the valley to find an entrance to the caverns below, and we saw an old mineshaft. So I decided to try out a new spell I hand just learnt from that lovely young chap, Gandolf was his name? Anyway we jumped off the bridge above the gorge and I stopped us with this neat spell, Feather fall, the barbarian starting freaking out, what a wuss, she thought she was dead or something, hmph I’ll show her what being dead is like.

Anywhoo, I decided to play a trick on this silly Barbarian whippersnapper, so I hid inside her gigantic backpack, and let her carry me around for the afternoon. Of course while I was inside I didn’t get to see much of where we were going, but I did get a chance to inspect all of this lady’s junk.

Wasn’t much of anything interesting, apart from one little potion which I hid away in my little stash for later, and left the Barbarian a surprise. I did however try some wine I found. This was a bad idea, and seems to have led to where I am now. Being dead.

I have never had a very strong tolerance for drink, and this time was no different, I hurled and was promptly discovered by, what was her name, Samwise? I thought, very well, I’ve had my fun, games over, but then she started yelling at me, what a disrespectful youngster.
Next thing I know I wake up in the strong arms of that handsome young man, that crazy whippersnapper had attacked me, Me! My word the youth of today.

So I responded in the way we were taught back in my youth, a lightning bolt to the face usually sorted things out, although it didn’t go my way very well, and that is why I am here. Dead.

I’m sure I won’t be here for long though. That nice young wizard will soon have me back, but In the meantime I think I’ll do some knitting.
Elina the Feeble


Jigamaree TardySuperior

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